03 dec

Mail Woes!

Customers have been noticing issues with mail sending and webmail responsiveness.

Mail sending:

We’re still working on networking issues that have cropped up after our data center consolidation move and some saturation this morning has caused issues with our mail machines in the homie cluster.  We are looking into adding capacity to help alleviate these woes.


Several of our webmail machines are being nitpicky this morning and it is being investigated by our admin team. This should hopefully be resolved shortly.

Update 9:37 PST: Our webmail machines mount a filer that recently had several disks explode, the disks have been replaced but things will be slow (mainly attachments) while it’s rebuilding those volumes.  We are at 7% right now and will continue to provide updates as it progresses.  This filer is also connected to wiki.dreamhost.com and our dreambook service so things will be sluggish there as well. Sorry folks!

Update 10:02 PST: Webmail is back up and running fine now that we have disabled attachments, the wiki will be slow on loading images but should otherwise be speedy. Rebuild is at 11%.

Update 13:05 pm PST: One volume is beating the other out at 37% while the other is still at 26%

Update 14:02 pm PST: To clarify an earlier statement, attachments in webmail are going to be disabled while the volumes rebuild on the troubled filer.  This means that if you’re expecting an important attachment and rely on our webmail services, it might be a good idea to set up a desktop based IMAP client.  Once the volumes have been rebuilt and things are stable — which shouldn’t happen any later than this evening — we will post a final update here.

Update Dec.4 9:57 PST: Both volumes have reconstructed and attachments have been reactivated for webmail.