08 okt

Network problems causing downtime on some homie machines

The following machines are affected by the current network outage. Our admins are working on the resolution, please check back for updates and details. We apologize for the inconvenience!

algiers alouettes angels argonauts avengers baku bayhawks bears belmopan bengals bills blackhawks blazers bluebombers bluejays bobcats braves brewers bridgetown broncos browns bruins brumbies brussels bubsy buccaneers bucks buenosaires bulls bullwinkle butterfish canberra cannons cardinals cavs chapulin chivas clippers cobra colts cowboys crew crusaders d-fenders dhaka diamondbacks dodgers dopey dumbo dynamo eagles earthquakes eltigre eskimos expos falcons fever fire flames foghorn force galaxy grinch grizzlies gumby hawks heat herediano highlanders hornets hurricanes indians inki islanders jaguars jazz jets jetsons kabul kings knicks lakers leghorn liberty lightning lions lizards magic magoo manama mariners marlins mets minsk monarchs nassau nationals nets niners nuggets oilers olympiacos outlaws pacers packers padres panthers patriots penguins phillies pirates pistons popeye predators pride pumbaa raiders rams rangers rapids raptors ravens rays reds redwings revolution rockets rockies roughriders royals saprissa seahawks shock slowpoke snoopy sox spaceghost sparks spurs stampeders steelers stjohns suns texans thrashers thunder tigercats tigers tirane titans topcat twins vienna vikings waratahs warriors wizards yankees yerevan zazu and some of our private servers

UPDATE: Shortly after this post, the problems were gone, servers are accessible again. Thanks for your patience! If you’re still having issues, please submit a support ticket with details, as it’s likely unrelated to this network outage.