08 sep

EVO router issue [Update]

Time: September 7th 2010 19:06:00(CEST)
Dear Customer,

At the moment we experience some troubles in our network at Evoswitch.

One of the modules did not pass trough any traffic anymore. We forced a reboot of the module which forced a failover to the standby router for the ports on the module.

We are still investigating the cause and will post a update shortly.


LeaseWeb BV

[Update 19:16]

After a reboot of the module we see traffic passing through. We have decided to close the ports on this module so traffic will be forced to the other router until we have replaced the module.

[UPDATE 19:30]

We will replace the problem giving module tomorrow morning. Some customers are not transferred to the backup router as they have their redundant connection not connected properly. Customers have been noticed about this earlier and will remain active on the probably faulty module.

[UPDATE 14:30] The faulty module has been replaced, we will shift all traffic back to the replaced module tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM CEST.