25 jun

Primary routers maintenance

Startdate: July 8th 2010 06:00:00(CEST)
Enddate: July 8th 2010 07:30:00(CEST)

Dear customer,

During this maintenance we will upgrade the software of our primary routers. They usually carry most of the traffic, however before the maintenance we will reroute all the traffic onto the secondary routers. No downtime is expected, but during traffic switching there is possible temporary increased latency or changed network paths.

Before the maintenance we will do the check and if we find circuits with only one active uplink, we will contact the customer separately.

The maintenance will take place on 2010-7-8 between 6:00 and 7:30 CEST (GMT+2).

The IP ranges affected by this maintenance are:

New software allows us to configure better redundancy protocols and in case of one router pair we will proceed also with a maintenance of our redundancy mechanisms, customers connected to these router may also see small temporary packet loss. The IP ranges affected also by the additional maintenance are

Kind regards,

Leaseweb NOC