16 jul

High Volume Router Issues [Update]

Time: July 16th 2012 14:31:00
Dear Customers,

We are having some high volume router issues in our Haarlem Data Center on the following ranges:

We will update this page when more information is available.

[Update 14:41]
The initial cause of the problem was the routing process on the active routing engine.
The process became unresponsive and got killed by the Juniper operating system.
A newly spawned routing process also encountered issues.
We then decided to do a routing engine switchover.
This initially seemed to resolve the issue, but we are finding there are still routing issues.
An update will follow soon.

[Update 14:49]
We are unable to fix the routing process issues on the second routing engine.
The primary routing engine will now be rebooted, once that is back online we will issue another switchover of active routing engine.