15 nov

[Leaseweb – Evoswitch] | Issues with the High Volume Network [Update]

Time: November 14th 2012 23:07:00
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are currently having issues with out High Volume Network in Evoswitch. You might experience higher delay, or connectivity issues.
We are investigating and we will update this posting.

Affected ranges

[[email protected]:25]
We believe traffic has been restored and issue has stopped.
We are still investigating.

[[email protected]:45]
We think we have found the cause of the issues.
One of the internet exchanges we connect to has experienced issues with a linecard we are connected to.
It seems our core-router connected to that blade received an extremely large amount of packets per second during short period.This in turn led to high CPU load which caused other BGP sessions to become unstable.

The internet exchange has reported that their equipment seems stable again, and they are working with their vendor's support to investigate.

We will also continue to investigate, and monitor the situation.
For now the Leaseweb network seems  stable, if you do still experience issues, please contact our support dept.