22 aug

Network issues with longhaul transport links [Update]

Time: August 22nd 2012 14:33:00
Dear Customers,

We are experiencing some issues with our longhaul links at this moment.

We are investigating the cause and will post an update a.s.a.p.

Affected area is all regions.

Update 22-08-2012 15:05

We have re-routed traffic and we see no issues at this moment.
If you have a related problem, please contact us.

Update 22-08-2012 16:35

The issue has been located, there is a fibercut nearby Dusseldorf. Our supplier is en route to troubleshoot and fix the damaged fiber. We don't expect further impact, however when the fiber has been fixed there might be packet loss or high latency for a short period when relearned paths are being chosen again by our routers.

Update 22-08-2012 22:50 CEST.

We have received an update from one of our long-haul providers:
Field Services advised that the 72-count cable was completely severed when a construction company, performing roadwork, was boring. The Fiber Provider crews on site reported that there is a duct run, which contains ten conduits, and the one that was being used is now completely damaged from the cut. The Fiber Provider checked the other nine conduits and advised that all are damaged due to the construction work. The cut is located beneath the middle of the street, which cannot be excavated, as the Fiber Provider does not have the appropriate permits at this time. The Fiber Provider has stated that restoration efforts are extremely complex and may not be able to commence until tomorrow morning. They are diligently working to devise a plan of repair, but have not finalized those plans. The Transport NOC is escalating with the Fiber Provider at this time

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