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[NL, AMS-12] Premium Network hardware issues [Update]

Time: May 3, 2014 11:03:00 (CEST)
Dear Customer,

At the moment we are experiencing issues at our AMS-12 location. The secondary/standby switch is having hardware issues. We have taken the device out of production and are troubleshooting what is causing this. Customer might see their secondary uplink going down/up during this process, this is without impact since routing is handled by the active router.

Possible affected prefixes:


Update at 11:30
We have decided to reload the device. After this reload the situation returned back to normal. We will monitor it for an hour and if it remains stable start putting back production traffic. For now the situation remains the same as before therefore, only the active router is available during this. An update will be give once further steps are taken.

Update at 13:25
We have re-enabled the interfaces on the secondary/standby router and connectivity remains stable.

In case you still experience issues, please contact us via creating a ticket through the SSC or [email protected]