04 dec

SBP core switch down. [Update]

Time: December 3rd 2008 18:20:00(CEST)
Expected Downtime: Unknown
Location: Schuberg Philis
Affected IP ranges:
Reason: Under investigation

Dear Customer,

At the moment we experience some troubles in (part of) our network.

We are doing our utmost to solve this issue a.s.a.p.
As soon as we have more information available, we will publish it here.

Please be patient while we are working on this problem.

An network engineer is in the neighbourhood, he will be on site in 5 minutes.

LeaseWeb BV

[UPDATE 19:11]
The core switch had a faulty supervisor. The engineer onsite has replaced it and is in the process of getting the switch back online.

[UPDATE 19:28]
The spare supervisor is also crashing. The engineer onsite is now testing the linecards to pinpoint the cause.

[UPDATE 20:05]
Both coreswitches refuse to come online.
Two engineers are underway with more spare parts.

[UPDATE 20:25]
We’ve managed to get one coreswitch back online.
However some racks are still down, we’re continuing to fix these issues.

[UPDATE 21:25]
Most racks are back online.
Some cabling to the secondary coreswitch is not working correctly, we are now have 4 engineers on location, they are working to get all racks online ASAP.

[UPDATE 22:50]
Both coreswitches are online again.
some customers might notice a short interruption once they switch back to the primary coreswitch.