04 dec

Core router upgrade [Update]

Startdate: December 7th 2009 10:00:00(CEST)
Enddate: December 7th 2009 11:00:00(CEST)

Dear Customer,

During this maintenance window we will upgrade the core router at Evoswitch.
We will add interface modules.
After the upgrade we will have 16 extra 10GE ports available.

There is no impact expected.
The router supports O.I.R. (online insertion and removal)

Kind regards,

LeaseWeb NOC

I’m sorry to report I made a mistake when entering the maintenance date.
The correct date is the eighth of December 2009.

We’ve received notification from our distributor.
Delivery of the new modules has been postponed.
As such we have moved this maintenance window forward as well.

Delivery has been pushed forward, therefore the maintenance window has been brought back to Monday 7th of December.