30 jan

Problems in Telia network [Update]

Time: January 29th 2009 19:00:00(CEST)
Dear Customer,

At the moment one of our carriers – Telia – experiences some troubles in their network in Netherlands. Customer may see higher network latencies and/or packet losses.

We reported the problem to Telia. The reason of the outage is fiber cut, which is currently being repaired. The estimated time of solving the problem is 20:00 UTC (21:00 CET).

We will keep you updated if the situation changes.

LeaseWeb BV

[UPDATE 21:30]
The estimated time for solving the issue assumed using a parallel duct to place a new fiber, however this duct turned out to be unusable. New ETA is unknown, but as traffic usually drops in the night, the outage should have smaller impact in the next few hours.

[UPDATE 11:00]
The problem was finally resolved about 4:30. We have been testing all our Telia links for next hours and we confirm everything should work fine righ now.