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Problems to London, Frankfurt and Brussel [Update]

Time: March 18th 2009 21:40:00(CEST)
Dear Customer,

At the moment we experience troubles in our network.

Some of our links to London, Frankfurt and Brussel went down. We are routing this traffic to other links.

Please be patient while we are working on this problem.

LeaseWeb BV

[UPDATE 23:05] The problem is caused by a fibercut, a fiber engineer of our dark fiber supplier is nearby the location to blow a new fiber. At this moment traffic is rerouted, customers may experience some packet loss.

[UPDATE 23:32]
The fiber engineers are at the manholes.
The new fibers are being spliced.
The duct with issues has 144 fibers, splicing will take approximately 3 hours.
Service will be restored around 02:00