12 aug

Ring 1 maintenance

Startdate: August 26th 2009 02:00:00(CEST)
Enddate: August 26th 2009 06:00:00(CEST)

Dear Customer,

We have planned a maintenance at one of our rings. We will reboot all ring routers with a newer software. We will move our traffic to different links when needed, but temporary increased latencies or small packets losses may appear while traffic is rerouted onto other links.
Customers using Leaseweb mpls network with layer 2 data transmission between remote locations may see maximum twice downtime within the maintenance window up to 10 minutes each. That concerns also customers who recently were or still are under process of migration from Telecity2 to Evoswtich.

Kind regards,

Leaseweb B.V.

Timezone is CEST (GMT+2)