11 jan

ADSL DHCP server crash [Update]

Time: January 11th 2010 09:00:00(CEST)
Expected Downtime: Unknown
Location: DHCP server at TeleCity
Affected IP ranges: Unknown
Reason: DHCP server crash

Dear Customer,

At the moment we experience some troubles in (part of) our DSL network.

We are doing our utmost to solve this issue a.s.a.p.
As soon as we have more information available, we will publish it here.

Please be patient while we are working on this problem.

LeaseWeb BV

[UPDATE 10:22]
Our engineer arrived at Telecity, we will update you on any progress made.

[UPDATE 10:43]
Our DHCP server is back up and all services should be restored.
Reason for this outage is a broken harddisk.

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