26 feb

EVO-SR2 router crash [Update]

Time: February 25th 2010 23:35:00(CEST)
Expected Downtime: Unknown
Location: Evoswitch
Reason: Under investigation

Dear Customer,

At the moment we experience some troubles in (part of) our network.

The backup router for evoswitch datahall 1 has crashed.
The primary is running without issues, if you do have problems please let us know through support.

We are doing our utmost to solve this issue a.s.a.p.
As soon as we have more information available, we will publish it here.

Please be patient while we are working on this problem.

LeaseWeb BV

[update 23:47]
The router is booting up again.

[update 23:58]
10Ge uplink modules are not coming online.
A network engineer is on his way to Evoswitch to troubleshoot/swap hardware replacement.