02 aug

MS SQL server emergency maintenance [Update]

Startdate: August 2nd 2010 16:00:00(CEST)
Enddate: August 2nd 2010 16:30:00(CEST)

Impact : interruption of service MsSQL databases Webhosting
Duration: approx 15 minutes
Reason : emergency maintenance due to memory defect

Dear customer,

We have found a broken memory module on the Windows MS SQL server. We will replace this during this emergency maintenance. This is to prevent data corruption. The downtime will be approxmently 15 minutes.

If you have problems after the maintenance then contact us by phone or send email to [email protected]

Webhosting : Windows Bronze, Silver and Gold,
Database : MsSQL database hosting

Kind regards,

Leaseweb NOC

[UPDATE 1700 (CET)]
Memory is replaced and services returned to normal.