03 okt

CLOUD platform maintenance [Update]

Startdate: October 3rd 2012 18:00:00 (CEST)
Enddate: October 3rd 2012 20:00:00 (CEST)

Dear customer,

On Wednesday the 3rd of October at 18.00 hours CET we are going to perform maintenance on our Cloud platform.
This migration will ensure more flexibility when optimizing performance and adding storage capacity.

We expect the maintenance to take up to 2 hours.

During this time certain instances will be paused. We have notified the owners of these instances separately. If you have not received a notification, the following actions will be unavailable during maintenance:
• Retrieving the status of your instance(s);
• Starting, stopping and rebooting your instance(s) via the Self Service Center.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

[UPDATE 03-10-2012 19:57]
Maintenance is taking longer than expected, and we currently expect that it should finish within 1 hour.
We will update the status every 30 minutes.

We are sorry for inconvenience.

[UPDATE 03-10-2012 20:26]
We are still busy with maintenance, and we still expect to have it finished around 21:00.
We will inform you about the status within 30 minutes

[UPDATE 03-10-2012 20:52]
All affected VPS are started, but number of VPS still have some network connectivity issues and we are still working on fixing those issues.
When we fix those issues we will inform you.

We will send another update within 30 minutes
Thank you for patience.