29 aug

[Leaseweb – Germany] Network issues [Update]

Time: August 29th 2012 13:28:00
Dear Customer,

At the moment there are issues in the German (Frankfurt and Wuppertal) network. Affected prefix:

There might be more prefixes impacted. Please contact our support if you have an outage and are not included in the list.

We are currently investigating the cause of this and will update this page when there is further information available.

Kind regards,

LeaseWeb NOC

Update @ 13:40
We have received an update that the datacentre in Frankfurt has a power outage. Our engineers are working on this with the highest priority. We will update when there is more information available.

Update @ 13:45
Power is restored and services are booting. BGP sessions are restoring between routers, however traffic flow is currently disabled on the impacted routers due to ARP load. Once load is recovered we will start enabling interfaces. This rule applies to the legacy network. The new environment is online and ARP is relearning.