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CloudVPS Object Store Available: Scalable Cloud Storage!

As of today the CloudVPS Object Store is available. An object store can be used to easily store files in the cloud and make them available through an API or URL. This makes an object store ideal for images, movies, backups and many other types of files. The popularity of object stores is starting to grow rapidly now, especially with developers and parties that want to store large numbers of files.

Advantages of an object store:

  • You only pay for your usage of storage, traffic and the API.
  • Your data is stored three times within two datacenters.
  • Files will be available from multiple locations.
  • Enables API based programming.
Amazon S3 Alternative

A lot of object store users are using Amazon S3 at the moment. Our solution uses the popular OpenStack API which allows you to choose the provider you are doing business with. The CloudVPS Object Store is also significantly cheaper than Amazon S3. An other important advantage of our object store is that we are not subject to the US Patriot Act. This means US government services do not have access to your data and our solution can be used for privacy sensitive data.

For parties that are still using the S3 API exclusively, we have added an S3 emulation so you can use our object store with the S3 API.

Amazon does offer a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) option with its object store. This is relevant if data has to be available quickly in multiple continents. We will soon add CDN functionality ourselves.

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We have added an object store section to the CloudVPS Interface. Here you can track your usage. You can also manage your object stores, containers and files.

OpenStack Swift

Our object store is based on OpenStack Swift. OpenStack is a fast growing collection of open source cloud infrastructure projects. This project has an enormous momentum with parties like VMware, NASA and HP contributing. We have decided to implement OpenStack for our entire infrastructure and the CloudVPS Object Store is just our first OpenStack based product.

We will be very active in adding functionality to OpenStack. We will contribute as many of our improvements to the object store as possible to the project. For instance, we have made it possible to use the Cyberduck client as a visual interface for the OpenStack object store. We are currently developing new authentication methods and are documenting and improving various SDKs (Software Development Kits).

Ordering and Paying

You can order the object store on our website. Your object store will be invoiced at the end of the month. If you are a new new customer you will have to pre-pay a one time sum of 10 Euros. If a lot of resources are being used during the first month an extra prepayment will have to be deposited. Customers with an existing invoicing relationship will not have to pre-pay when ordering an object store.

The cost of the object store depends on the storage used, the outgoing traffic and the API usage. Read more about the costs and invoicing of our object store in our knowledge base.

CloudVPS customers that also purchased a CloudVPS virtual server will be able to use the first 10 GB of object storage for free. For these customers 50,000 heavy API calls and 500,000 light API calls will also be available free of charge.

More Information

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Pricing and Invoicing

Please contact sales if you have any questions regarding the possibilities of the CloudVPS Object Store.