24 jul

[20130724] Outage WDC1 [Update]

Time: July 24th 2013 10:57:00 (EDT)
Dear Customer,

After the maintenance from this morning one of the core switches lost all connectivity.
We are currently still investigating.

Affected IP ranges:

[UPDATE 11:23 EDT] As both of the core switches are reloading, our vendor advised us to downgrade the software version. We are currently in the downgrade process.

[UPDATE 11:41 EDT] One of the coreswitches has been reloaded with the other software version. The other coreswitch is still having troubles booting the older software version.

[UPDATE 12:15 EDT] Both core switches are back online on the previous software version and stable. We are still investigating intensively with our vendor. A preliminary RFO will be available from the account managers later today. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused