04 dec

[DE, FRA-10] Connectivity issues in part of our Network [Update]

Time: November 23, 2015 15:04:00 (CET)
Dear Leaseweb Customer,

[Final UPDATE 17:25]
Our engineers have investigated the issue further and can confirm everything is stable again.
The outage was caused due to an unexpected routing protocol drop on the router, which caused traffic to be dropped for a short while.
For the next 48 hours will we closely monitor the behaviour of the router to guarantee the stability and reliability of the network.

[UPDATE 15:20]
Currently connectivity has been restored and traffic is back to normal levels. Our engineers are working to identify the root cause of this issue.

[UPDATE 14:50]
At the moment we are experiencing connectivity issues in part of our Network. We are currently working on the issue.

The following ranges are impacted:


Updates will follow via this NOC posting.