27 okt

Airco failure location EASYNET room 2A/2F [Update]

Time: October 27th 2009 00:30:00(CEST)
Expected Downtime: Unknown
Location: Easynet room 2A
Affected IP ranges: Unknown
Reason: Airco failure

Dear Customer,

At the moment we experience some troubles in (part of) our network.

We are doing our utmost to solve this issue a.s.a.p.
As soon as we have more information available, we will publish it here.

Please be patient while we are working on this problem.

LeaseWeb BV

[UPDATE 02:07] Unfortunately our routers in room 2A reached their thresholds for normal operating mode. They will shutdown within a few minutes to avoid hardware failure. Due to this all network connectivity will be affected.

As soon as the airco failure has been repaired we will power up our routers again.

[UPDATE 03:09] Since approx. 00h30 EasyNet is suffering a cooling failure on the second floor.At this moment EasyNet is working on solving this issue, however an ETA has not been given yet. In case customers want to have their servers shutdown, please contact [email protected] We will try to shutdown the servers cleanly, however we cannot guarantee this possibility due to access restrictions within the DC at this moment.

[UPDATE 03:33] At this moment EasyNet is overriding systems and systems are starting up again. Temperature will be dropping slowly and it is expected to be at normal temperature within 2hours again. We are currently waiting for acceptable operation temperature to start our routers again.