08 nov

Storing op verschillende DSL lijnen, wel linesync maar geen verkeer mogelijk

BBned heeft bekend gemaakt dat er op verschillende lokaties in het land problemen zijn met verkeer afhandeling. Er is wel linesync echter er is geen verkeer mogelijk. Indien u problemen ondervindt, gelieve dit aan ons te melden zodat wij de nodige acties kunnen ondernemen.

Bbned schrijft :

We are currently experiencing problems in our network. Because of these problems there is a possibility that customers cannot send and receive data. At this moment it is not clear what the cause of this outage is and we are unable to determine the exact impact. The outage is currently being investigated by a team of specialists of bbned and Cisco.

The symptoms are: Linesync, but not being able to send and receive data. The outage started around 6 o’clock.

bbned has created a workaround (recreating the ATM PVC on our ATM network) that we can apply to every single connection/order which will restore functionallity.

We have created an emailadress to which you can send lists of ordernumbers which are affected by this outage. If you send us lists of affected ordernumbers via this e-mail address we will apply the workaround and confirm this by e-mail.

The e-mail address you can use is: outage081104@bbned.nl

Affected locations : Unknown
Affected services : All
Symptoms : Linesync, but not being able to send and receive data.

Start time of outage : 05:50
Outage resolved : unknown

Outage reason : Unknown, under investigation