25 sep

Emergency maintenance Ring3

Startdate: September 26th 2008 03:30:00
Enddate: September 26th 2008 06:00:00

Dear customer,

As a precaution we will preform some emergency maintenances. This maintenance is needed to update the software running on our ring 3 routers. This ring is used mainly for bulk traffic between our hops. Following the problems we had yesterday we will upgrade to a new version of IOS. Impact to customers should be minimal as traffic will directed to our other rings. Customers can see packetloss at the moment of reboot and after reboot has finished. The reboot is needed on the following locations:


Schuberg Philis


Telecity Redbus

Telecity 2


The software update is also needed so we can migrate ring 3 to mpls. This migration is scheduled for next week and details will be posted when we have the schedule ready.

We are currently still investigating all issues we had yesterday.

Kind regards,

LeaseWeb – NOC